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Assault On The Evil Star

Assault On The Evil Star

Assault On The Evil Star is a fantastic sci-fi third-person shooter reminiscent of Halo and Doom. As a special forces soldier, you uncover a massive scheme to wipe out civilization. We cannot permit this! To save the day, you must travel to the planet "Evil Star" in space. Be ready for anything since you will encounter terrifying beasts and enemy warriors along the route. Don't allow your adversaries to beat you; aim correctly. Ultimately, the destiny of the entire human race now rests with you. Here you will feel real action with every cell of your body. The world will collapse if you are unable to foil the enemy's scheme!

How To Play

  • Use the AWSD - movement. 
  • Use 1 or 4 - change weapons. 
  • Shift - running. 
  • Use the mouse. 
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