Sonic 3
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Sonic 3

Sonic 3 is the third installment of the renowned Sonic platform series. Sonic and his companions are welcome to join us as we run and jump through the valley. Take out numerous robot monkeys, crabs, and other adversaries.

There are six levels, or "zones," that you must navigate; each has two acts. You can jump and turn into a blue ball, attack opponents, or charge forward to deliver a powerful blow to your adversaries. You must gather golden rings throughout the game because they act as a sort of shield against adversaries. Once you get 100 pieces, you'll get an extra life. You will lose rings when you take damage from an adversary; if you don't have any, your character could perish. Use caution and focus. Trying the previous version Sonic 2 is the best game ever.

How To Play

  • Enter - Start the game.
  • WASD - management.
  • J/K/L - jump/double tap - kick.
  • P - pause.