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Reiman: Incredible Dodges

Reiman: Incredible Dodges

Reiman: Incredible Dodges is a fun game. You must venture into the dark jungle's thickets, where only the most resilient will make it out alive! Select from more than 20 distinct magical creatures, then compete in entertaining matches against a large number of actual players from across the globe. For as long as you can, you must remain on the surface of a little platform that will eventually collapse.

There are only three lives that your hero has, which he can replenish by grabbing different goodies. Avoid the ball lightning and fire projectiles that are flying toward you with deftness as their speed increases. Aside from avoiding poisonous plants that can render you temporarily immobile, steer clear of deadly traps such as holes and thorny shrubs. Unlock fascinating new characters by gathering as many golden fireflies as you can! Good luck!

How to play

Use the arrow keys - move.

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