Squirrel with a Gun
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Squirrel with a Gun

Squirrel with a Gun is a highly dynamic 2D shooter where you must embark on an adventurous journey to assist a crazed squirrel in ridding his woodland of unwanted visitors! You have a ton of incredible levels ahead of you, full of unrestricted action, in which you must use your reliable handgun to dispatch scores of opponents with precise shots.

The way to control the character is to jump and recoil from different surfaces. To take out the opponent with a single, accurate shot, try to hit him squarely in the acorn. Get enough gold coins together to get a brand-new, exclusive skin. You will soon be able to obtain access to additional weaponry, such as an assault rifle, a shotgun, and plenty of other awesome firearms. Become a true forest avenger by exploring dozens of vibrant places, taking on bosses, and more!

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How To Play

Use the mouse.