Sonic 2
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Sonic 2

Sonic 2 is the ultimate traditional racing game that you can play with Tails, your best buddy. There will be eleven "zones" that you must navigate; each zone will be split into two sections. There will be robots and other traps waiting for you around every corner, so exercise caution. Immediately accelerate and deal a swift strike to anyone who wishes to cause you offense. You can't even take a quick break. You can discover a great deal about Sonic the Mighty Hedgehog by playing online. Assist him in running and jumping to increase his strength. Sonic will leap down the trail, but there will be many detours, and there is a risk of falling into the river. In order to avoid having to restart the game, make your super jump.

How to play

  • Enter - Start the game.
  • WASD - management.
  • J/K/L - jump/double tap - kick.
  • P - pause.

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