Awesome Tanks2
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Awesome Tanks2

Awesome Tanks2 is a tank game where you fight other tanks in two dimensions, top-down. After hiding by cleverly swerving, smash the enemy's tanks with your cannons!

You start the game with $0 and have to blow up rival automobiles to advance in order to collect cash. The coins you earn at the conclusion of each level can be used to buy weapons and performance upgrades. Your tank will be better protected from intensive fire by the armor and other performance upgrades.

Each level gets harder and presents more of an incentive to advance. Investing in upgrades is essential to combating the military's expanding influence and super-tanks, which possess significantly greater hit points. Don't hold back since Awesome Tanks 2 has a fantastic stats menu that shows the total damage done and the number of tank kills you have achieved.

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How To Play

Mouse click or tap to play.