Fort Construction Simulator 3D
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Fort Construction Simulator 3D

Fort Construction Simulator 3D is a location where you can play as a lone hero who gets lost in a forest while honing your construction abilities. He chose to begin building his fort after locating a suitable location and stockpiling wood.

Install any one of the three types of building elements wherever you like. Once your character is in the desired location, you can use the mouse to place a block. Quantity of units The game's map is enormous, and the content is infinite. This implies that you can construct a fort of any height and width. Can you construct a true fortress, home, or bunker, or can you just build a fort as high as the sky? Your imagination is the only thing that may make your fantasies come true in this game! Thus, why do you delay? Start now!

How to play

  • L - show/hide mouse cursor.
  • WASD - management.
  • Spacebar - jumping.
  • Shift- run.
  • Left mouse - install the block.
  • Q - floor.
  • C - steps.
  • V - wall.

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