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Baby Panda: Kindergarten

Baby Panda: Kindergarten

Baby Panda: Kindergarten will take you to see the small panda and the kindergarten. Consider running a kindergarten for small animals. Your tasks include playing, teaching, caring for the children, and doing everything possible to keep them happy.

The youngsters are already gathered at the entryway, waiting for you to divide them into groups. The first thing you should do is put your personal stuff in the locker. When your baby approaches, look for his photo on one of the cabinets and try to arrange all of his belongings. Check for sick animals, take a temperature, and if one of the newborns has a raised temperature, provide help and call the parents to take the baby home for treatment. Let's go to the game room now! Let's build a car out of cardboard with the kids. You will succeed if you follow all of the directions. It was time for lunch, as the boys were playing. Let's wait and watch what the animals consume today. We have a buffet today, so you can select your favorite meals. The youngsters ate well, but they left dirty plates and trash behind. Let's get everything cleaned up and organized. You did an excellent job. The youngsters went for a walk while waiting for their parents to pick them up. Have a great game!

How To Play

Use the mouse. 

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