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Baby Penguin Fishing

Baby Penguin Fishing

Baby Penguin Fishing is a fun and addicting 2D puzzle fishing simulation game that will put your skills to the test. Enjoy this beautiful game as you embark on a fishing expedition. There are two game modes: fishing and trawling. To proceed to the next level in fishing mode, cast your line by clicking on each fish's body and catch them swiftly. In tracing mode, you release the net by clicking on the appropriate region, and anything within it is captured. Keep an eye out for gold chests, as they will send you gold coins for more time. Avoid the squid as well, because it does not deliver you money and instead spits ink at you. Don't miss out, since time is running out.

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How To Play

  • Tap the fish in fishing mode. 
  • Tap the area in Catch Fish mode.
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