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Bamboo Slicing

Bamboo Slicing

Bamboo Slicing is an amazingly thrilling casual game in which you will embark on an exciting trip through undiscovered places rife with danger! After a shipwreck, you're washed up on a tiny island densely forested with bamboo trees. You must now gather sufficient materials to construct a bridge to the opposite bank. Pick up your sword and begin cutting down trees to sell to a nearby merchant.

You will earn gold coins for performing missions, which you may use to improve the features of your character. You can also enhance your carrying capacity by purchasing one of several distinctive skins or cute pets. You will occasionally have to combat large carnivorous worms, deadly snakes, massive spiders, and other terrifying monsters that live in the thicket of the wild jungle. Activate numerous ancillary bonuses to drastically accelerate the resource extraction process. Release your captive comrades and eliminate the armed robber gangs roaming the island!

How To Play

Use the mouse.

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