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Combine Fighting Games 3D

Combine Fighting Games 3D

Combine Fighting Games 3D is a fantastic game. You will now face off against one hero who has decided to put all of his skills to the test by fighting opponents with sharp objects.

Your opponents will be the same warriors in red overalls - squids - who will flood into your arena in droves to see how tough you are in this challenging combat. To get the greatest defense and weaponry for your hero, you must combine the same elements. He will use objects and weapons such as sticks, oars, swords, knives, and others to attack his adversaries. Control your hero as he moves and rotates around his axis, eliminating any enemies that dare to approach. An opponent who has died should be gray and lying down. There will be more of them with each stage, so try to deal with them all to collect stars that will boost your title as a winner. Do you want to start annihilating your adversaries with various melee weapons?

How To Play

Use the mouse. 

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