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Darkness on a Spaceship

Darkness on a Spaceship

Darkness on a Spaceship is a fantastic, scary first-person shooter. The game's events will take place in the far future. All planets, including Earth, have become inhospitable.

You will take on the role of a daring space ranger who must complete a deadly mission. You must defeat all the monsters that arise as you explore compartment after compartment. The soldier will be armed with three sorts of weapons. If you run out of ammunition, you can use a rifle butt to strike adversaries or steal guns from dead robots. Allow the hero a few seconds to breathe if zombies or other monsters can harm him. You can continue as soon as your health reserve is completely depleted. There is a lot of work ahead!

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How To Play

  • WASD/Arrow keys - movement.
  • Use the mouse - fire/sight.
  • F - take an item.
  • Shift - run.
  • R - recharge.
  • Slide mouse - change weapons.
  • V - hit with the butt.
  • T - deceleration.
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