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Dodgeball is a fascinating sports game in which you will be able to compete in exciting aquatic tournaments! There will be many different modes to choose from where you can practice your skills against artificial intelligence or challenge live gamers.

A wide variety of fascinating levels await you, in which you must hit your opponent with the ball to advance to the next stage. Attempt to toss the ball as forcefully as possible so that the opponent has no opportunity of escaping. Win three rounds to face the ultimate boss, who has significantly more health than the previous opponents. You will win diamonds for successfully completing challenges, which you can use to purchase interesting headgear or glasses for your avatar. In wrestling mode, you must force your opponent into the sea while sitting on the shoulders of your partner. During combat, you can use auxiliary bonuses to improve your movement speed, recover health, or immobilize an adversary. But be careful, for bombs will surface on the pool's territory from time to time, and even the slightest touch will result in immediate detonation. Immerse yourself in the summer spirit and never-ending pleasure right now!

How To Play

Use the mouse.

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