Fish Eats Fish 3
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Fish Eats Fish 3

Fish Eats Fish 3 will disclose all the secrets of the seafloor and take you through the entire life of a fish. You will see the birth of a fry and its growth into a large and gorgeous fish. Plunge into the lovely and colorful underwater world with a diverse range of species and discover all of its mysteries.

You begin the game as a little fish that must eat a lot in order to grow and become big and strong. The primary game rule is that fish eat fish and grow. However, as in nature, the stronger always triumphs over the weakest. As a result, attempt to consume only fish that are smaller than you; otherwise, you will lose. Be cautious; some fish may swim extremely fast, and you won't even have time to blink before they devour you. The fish will swim around you in fear as you grow larger. You can play the game alone, with others, or with three people. Everyone will be able to select their own fish, including its color and gender. Are you ready to take on the seafloor with your friends? Eat fish, grow to be the top link in the food chain, and no one will be able to beat you. Have a great game!

How To Play

Use the arrow keys.