FNF Hater
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FNF Hater

FNF Hater is a fun one-song mod in which you battle a musical duel against a drawn character. He'll become a petty, filthy trickster who envies everyone and despises Boyfriend, the main attraction at the "Friday Night Funkin" events.

To defeat your new opponent in this FNF mod, you must perform feats of dexterity and lightning-fast reactions. The main goal is to repeat all of the arrows that appear on the screen during our blue-haired hero's game. Keep an eye on the indicator on the bottom panel. There, you may track the musicians' progress and discover who is leading the war. If you sense that the advantage is on the enemy's side, you must act quickly. Don't be upset if you lose. You can always try again and improve your abilities. And, in the end, success will be in your pocket. Good luck and have fun with the game!

How To Play

  • Enter to start/make a choice/pause.
  • WASD to sing.