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Gobattle is an entertaining multiplayer .io game where you control a knight and battle other players to govern the area. To become the king in this massive multiplayer game, which is based on a 2D arcade game, you must fight other knights for gold coins. You can play battle royale to see if you can make it to the end of the game, play team versus team, or race through a dungeon to earn money. As you gather between 20 and 40 coins, your weapon will get better. Look out for different weapons scattered over the landscape, and replenish your supplies by collecting potions. Make use of your shield to defend yourself from approaching threats. Let's go!

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How To Play

  • AD keys or left/right arrow keys - Move.
  • W key or up arrow key - Jump.
  • S key or down arrow key - Cover.
  • Press V - Melee attack.
  • Space bar - Throw weapons.