Golf Battle
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Golf Battle

Golf Battle is a professionally created online game that lets you play minigolf. The objective is to throw as many balls in as few tries as you can. You receive more points the fewer times you try. Additionally, you can gather coins for which you receive bonus points. Your biggest issue will be time because the levels will be generated while you're on the road. The game will end for you, and you will have to restart if you run out of it.

Use the fewest strokes possible to get the ball into the hole by calculating the proper strength and tilt! Can you pull off a flawless play? Aim to stay on the board and refrain from using excessive force when hitting the ball, as these actions will have an impact on your score. Experience a unique 3D environment with challenging obstacles and turns to navigate, and demonstrate your pro golfing abilities. Enjoy yourself while lounging in your house and playing some relaxing games!

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How To Play

Use the mouse.