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Grimace Shake: Draw And Erase

Grimace Shake: Draw And Erase

Grimace Shake: Draw And Erase is a new adventure game that takes you to the most gorgeous and intriguing locations in the gaming universe.

Remember how we mentioned the magic pencil at the start? You must assist Grimace in locating a unique recipe for his famous cocktail. He had it in his pocket, but the monster had misplaced it. You must now embark on a search and use a pencil to overcome any hurdles. To get through lofty objects and to the piece holding part of the recipe, you must draw lines, bridges, and other shapes. You will occasionally need to erase rather than sketch parts of the picture. This is the only way to get to the prized leaf without getting into trouble. Good luck and have fun with the game.

How To Play

Use the mouse. 

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