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Ice Purple Head 3D

Ice Purple Head 3D

Ice Purple Head 3D is a brand-new funny 3D logic game. There are 90 fascinating levels to finish, which not everyone can do. You will meet a lovely character in the game known as the icy purple head. It sounds funny, but it's because our hero is purple, and his major ability is to transform into an ice block.

Your main goal is to guide the purple hero through all obstacles and into the refrigerator. Everything appears to be extremely straightforward at first sight. But first, let's finish the first level! So, your hero is at the top of the screen, and a refrigerator is at the bottom. You must click on the hero to transform him into a block and begin sliding around the paths. The level is finished as soon as you get close to the refrigerator! However, additional challenges await you in the form of various barriers that you must overcome. Try to think logically to come up with a safe route for your purple pal. Glide between platforms and find the appropriate path using your freezing abilities. Completing as many levels as possible will allow you to learn a lot about our new hero. Best wishes!

How To Play

Use the mouse.

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