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Monkey Quest

Monkey Quest

Monkey Quest is a fun new game. These tiny jungle inhabitants will whisk you away on wonderful journeys. You must find the beautiful treasures hidden on this island. To accomplish this, you must complete every level of Paradise Island. This will be exceedingly difficult due to the island's various ingenious traps, hurdles, and opponents. Monkeys with a warlike and nasty temperament will try to harm your monkey in order to prevent him from finding the loot and crossing the finish line. If you have accumulated fifteen thousand monkey coins with tasty banana graphics, you can choose an additional participant. You can also buy extra bonuses and new weaponry from the options to help you move through more stages and defeat tough opponents. Go on adventures and have fun with the game!

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How To Play

  • Mouse - make a choice.
  • Arrow keys - go.
  • Space- jump.
  • X - attack.
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