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Mountain Tank

Mountain Tank

Mountain Tank takes you to immerse yourself in the world of epic tank battles on crater-dotted landscapes. There will be more than ten different tanks to pick from in the hangar, ranging from historical types to futuristic S-class self-propelled howitzers. Destroy foes both on the ground and in the air. Shoot down enemy bombers who are attempting to drop high-explosive bombs on you. Although you cannot change the angle of your barrel, no one is stopping you from using the landscape elements to select a convenient trajectory for the shot. At the end of each stage, you will face a boss who will gradually develop his weapons, making him a more deadly opponent. Victories in battle will win you gold doubloons, which you will need to develop your abilities. Collect enough fragments to unlock new heavy armored vehicle variants. Completing side quests will earn you additional rewards, and opening gift cases will give you critical resources. Unlock all achievements, spin the wheel of fortune, and get daily bonuses just for logging in!

How To Play

Use A or D to control and use the Mouse to shoot.

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