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Mumbai Crime Simulator

Mumbai Crime Simulator

Mumbai Crime Simulator is a thrilling and deadly crime-fighting game. Crooks have besieged Mumbai, and you have been tasked with rescuing it from the crooks in this third-person shooting game. Complete all tasks and save the city before the criminals seize control. When you have some free time, you can play the Mumbai crime simulator game online. Mumbai Crime Simulator is an excellent pick for a game that both entertains and sharpens your mind. You must devise numerous techniques in order to achieve the greatest and most rewarding score. Very appropriate for all age groups, young and elderly, men and women, all of them. Elegant graphics add to the game's aesthetic value. The Mumbai crime simulator game is one of our chosen games; we select high-quality games to give to our players. You must play it right now.

How To Play

On a computer you can use the mouse to move the character and keyboard keys to move the character: 

  • Direction Buttons - Moves back and forth left and right.
  • WASD - Move forward and backward.
  • Space - Jump.
  • Shift - Running.
  • Ctrl - Sit.
  • Enter - Chat.
  • Esc - Menu.

On mobile you can use the buttons on the screen to move the character:

  • Move your finger up down left to right to move the character.
  • Jump Button - Jump.
  • Sit Button - Sit.
  • Chat Button - Chat.
  • Menu Button - Menu.
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