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Obby Land

Obby Land

Join other players worldwide and embark on a beautiful adventure with Obby Land! The game puts players inside a virtual playground full of things to discover, from glass bridges full of suspension to challenging obstacle courses in rainbow colors! Complete with other players to see who is the best platform jumper!

If you love games that can give you moments full of suspension, Obby Land is the one for you! In this game, players take control of a cubed character and navigate him to explore the playground. There are many different things to try in this game, including obstacle courses of increasing difficulty, so players can have plenty of time to try to reach the top! Hone your reflexes and jumping skills and show them off to other players with Obby Land!

How To Play

Control your character with the WASD keys. Press the spacebar to jump. To look around, drag the mouse while holding the right mouse button.