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Only Go Up!

Only Go Up!

Begin your most amazing adventure ever with Only Go Up! The game begins with a young boy waking up somewhere on a ship floating in the sky, and there is no way but to go up! Utilize his skills to jump from one object to the next, grab onto a ledge to prevent him from falling, and discover the secret high up in the sky!

Only Go Up! features a range of controls, making it much easier for players to maneuver through tight spaces. The boy is capable of climbing on ledges, crouching down, or even performing somersaults! In addition, the mesmerizing sight of surreal items hovering in the air makes the game a must-play for those who want something that feels like a dream!

How To Play

  • Move the boy with the WASD or arrow keys.
  • Hold Shift while moving to make him walk.
  • Jump with the spacebar.
  • Perform somersaults with the X key.
  • Hold the C key while moving to crouch.
  • Lie down with the Q key.
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