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Only Up Beginning!

Only Up Beginning!

In Only Up Beginning!, players begin their journey inside a city with nobody in sight, along with various objects floating high in the sky. They seem to create a path that leads to a place so high that probably nobody can reach it. As a little boy full of curiosity, it is up to the player to climb from one platform to another and reach the highest place possible!

Only Up Beginning! is based on the popular game Only Up with its mesmerizing vertical maze full of surreal everyday items. The boy is a proficient climber and is capable of grabbing onto nearby ledges, making your adventure a bit easier. In addition, there are special items such as fluffy beds that act like trampolines, so make sure to discover them as you progress!

How To Play

  • Move the boy with the WASD keys and jump with the spacebar.
  • Look around with the mouse.
  • Take a closer look by holding the right mouse button.
  • Crouch down with the X key.
  • Open the menu with the Esc key.
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