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Only UP GO Parkour

Only UP GO Parkour

Discover the world beyond with Only UP GO Parkour! Become a small boy as he tries to navigate the right path in the big world, which is full of floating objects in the sky. These objects line up perfectly to create a path that leads upward, and it is up to the players to help the boy get through all of them to reach the top of what seems like a surreal maze!

Only UP GO Parkour offers an experience like never before as players try to find the right timing to jump from one obstacle to another. One mistake, and the boy may fall down, prompting the players to start their journey from the beginning. Do you have what it takes to see the ultimate view from the top of this place.

How To Play

  • Control the boy: WASD keys.
  • Look around: Mouse.
  • Jump: Spacebar.
  • Run: Hold Shift while moving.
  • Crouch: C key.
  • Open menu mid-game: Esc key.
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