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Only Up: Gravity Parkour 3D

Only Up: Gravity Parkour 3D

Defy all the odds and get to the top of the vertical maze with Only Up: Gravity Parkour 3D! In this game, players take on the role of a helmeted man as he tries to rise from the ground by advancing from one platform to another. From rusty pipes, cargo containers, and gigantic cars, everything becomes a stepping stone for you to get closer to the sky!

Only Up: Gravity Parkour 3D features extremely challenging gameplay, just like its inspiration, Only Up. However, to make your journey a bit less daunting, there are checkpoints scattered across the track, so you can always return to the nearest one in case you fall off. In addition, the man is capable of reaching for the ledge of the higher objects, reducing the chance of missing a jump!

How To Play

To control the man, press the WASD keys. To make him jump, press the spacebar. Move the camera by hovering the mouse.

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