Only Up: Obby
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Only Up: Obby

Explore the unthinkable with Only Up: Obby, an engaging and exciting platform-climbing game in which players take the role of a little boy as he jumps from one place to the next in order to uncover the secrets behind this strange phenomenon! Keep your eyes peeled for the screen, because one mistake and you risk losing all the hard-earned progress!

Only Up: Obby features an extremely challenging obstacle course, making it a great game to test your jumping skills and reflexes! With detailed 3D graphics and smooth controls, the game further enhances players’ experiences by not having any checkpoints. With this, every jump becomes a leap of faith, and the stakes are higher the more you progress! Admire the surreal view as you jump from one platform to the next, and try your best not to fall off and risk starting from the beginning!

How To Play

  • Move around: WASD or arrow keys.
  • Jump: Spacebar.
  • Pause the game: P key.
  • Reset the game: R key.