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Sausage War

Sausage War

Sausage War is a fun arcade mini-game in which you will compete in an intense survival competition against dozens of hot dogs that all want to be the main dish on the holiday table. Many fascinating encounters await you, in which you must destroy your opponents using the most sophisticated methods possible, such as pushing them out of the arena or impaling them on various silverware.

You should exercise extra caution because there will be numerous lethal traps strewn about, which you should avoid. Push the opponent into a sink of water, a scorching grill, or numerous holes in it with a rake. Victories in battle will give you gold coins, which may be spent to strengthen your abilities. In addition, there will be six interesting skins available in the store for you to pick from, making your character more unique. Win fantastic prizes by spinning the wheel of fate.

How To Play

Use the mouse.