Save The Obby Blox
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Save The Obby Blox

Save The Obby Blox begins with a character in a cube shape who goes by the name Obby Blox. For some reason, Obby Blox has made the bees nearby very angry, and they will do whatever they can to give him a good sting! Using objects of different shapes, it is up to you to obstruct the path of the bees to him and keep him safe!

Save The Obby Blox is an engaging puzzle game with simple yet enjoyable premises. With easy controls, the game is suitable for people of all ages, and it challenges players to think outside the box. In each level, players can only choose one object to place somewhere in order to protect Obby Blox for a few seconds before the bees give up. Think creatively and make sure that Obby Blox is safe from all the attacks of the angry horde of bees!

How To Play

With your left mouse button, click to interact with the game.