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Short Life

Short Life

In Short Life, the life of a poor ragdoll man can be quite short without your intervention! Lead the ragdoll man through a series of hazardous obstacles, including cannons, super-sharp spikes, and hydraulic presses! Collect the stars on your way and try your best to progress through 16 levels with your ragdoll unharmed!

Short Life features thrilling gameplay with its unique and bloody traps at every corner of the level. At the beginning of the game, there are instructions to guide players through new parts and how to avoid certain obstacles. However, in later levels, it is up to you to recognize any incoming threats and react quickly to keep the ragdoll man safe. Unlock more ragdolls to make your experience even more exciting!

How To Play

Move the man with the left and right arrow keys. Press the up and down arrow keys to jump and crouch, respectively. To pause the game momentarily, press the P key.

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