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StickBoys Xmas

StickBoys Xmas

StickBoys Xmas is the greatest stick figure adventure game that makes you happy throughout the holidays. Players will embark on a daring journey with the naughty StickBoys to spread pleasure and happiness around a wintry landscape full of sights to behold and perils to overcome. Imagine a world with gingerbread houses, snow-covered trees, and sparkling lights. It's your job to lead the adorable StickBoys through a number of entertaining stages, each with unique obstacles and prizes related to the holidays. StickBoys Xmas is a voyage that combines the excitement of action with a festive atmosphere, rather than just a game. You'll go on quests to gather presents and engage in combat with adorable yet cunning snowballs.

How to play

Move to WASD/Arrow keys.

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