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Stone Miner 2

Stone Miner 2

Stone Miner 2 is an intriguing adventure game in which you play as a daring digger exploring distant, unexplored islands in pursuit of countless treasures and unusual minerals. There are ten fascinating levels ahead of you, each of which requires you to clear the area of various stone blocks. Sell the resources you've gathered to get gold coins, which you may use to enhance your car.

Remember to periodically pump your crusher to ensure it can break down tougher rocks. Increasing your movement speed and carrying capacity will allow you to drastically cut the time it takes to perform any chores. You may need to travel deeper inside the island and move a significant distance away from the ferry, which will complicate logistics. However, owing to the trolley, you no longer need to return to base to supply materials. Make use of supplementary benefits to expedite the resource collection process. Amass sufficient emeralds to enhance your factory. Explore breathtaking new places while expanding your mining empire.

How To Play

Use the mouse.