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Sword Play: Blade Master 3D

Sword Play: Blade Master 3D

Sword Play: Blade Master 3D is an amazingly addicting arcade game in which you may show off your abilities with bladed weapons by cutting dozens of different foes into small pieces. There are countless incredible stages ahead of you, each of which requires you to destroy all opponents in your path and reach the finish line. It's time to draw your sword and go off on an amazing journey full of deadly hazards and unbridled action. Some opponents will be armed with handguns, so stay aware and keep your sword ready to sever the bullet. You will gain money after passing tests, which you can use to buy new, unique weapons. Sometimes you'll have to fight a massive boss and a swarm of his minions that will attempt and fail to stop you. However, don't underestimate them, because if you miss even one hit, you're out. Unlock new colorful locations where you'll confront new challenges!

How To Play

Use the mouse.