Tanks of the Galaxy
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Tanks of the Galaxy

Tanks of the Galaxy is an exciting 2D top-down shooter gaming universe. Enjoy demonstrating your aim and trying your hardest to eliminate waves of foes while operating an amazing tank in the thrilling shooting game Tanks of the Galaxy.

The rules are really straightforward: destroy enemy tanks, avoid their projectiles, and utilize shields to keep yourself alive while destroying your opponents. Liberate areas from perilous invasions, strengthen your weaponry with the upgrades you receive for every victory, and take pleasure in this thrilling and addictive shooting game until you become the army's most lethal weapon. Tanks of the Galaxy is a top-tier tank shooter that offers constant action and excitement with its thirty thrilling levels, destructible terrain, gorgeous pixel-art graphics, and more. Play this captivating game to become the galaxy's greatest champion!

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How To Play

  • WASD/arrow keys = move.
  • Space = switch weapon.
  • Left-click = shoot.
  • Move mouse = aim.