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Upward Ascent

Upward Ascent

In Upward Ascent, players are put in the shoes of a soldier who seems to be stranded somewhere in a city in the middle of a desert. Suddenly, he discovers a track full of floating objects that leads straight to the sky. With no other course of action, take a leap of faith and try your best to discover what’s waiting for you at the top!

Upward Ascent features challenging yet satisfying gameplay. Players can make multiple leaps as they try to get to the higher platforms. However, there is no checkpoint in this game, so the game gets much harder as you try to reach the top. Some platforms require normal jumps, while others are placed a bit farther away from one another, meaning that the man has to run to gain some momentum before jumping. One small mistake and you risk losing all the progress, so be careful with your jump!

How To Play

To control the soldier, press the WASD keys. To make a leap, press the spacebar. Hold the shift keywhile walking to run. Open the menu with the R key.

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