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Angry Plants

Angry Plants

Angry Plants is a really awesome Plants vs. Zombies fan-made game. It is your responsibility to protect your home and garden because demons have taken over the planet. Monsters are ravaging the wilderness, devouring all living things; only Moron is motivated to save the day and assume the role of a hero. The only person who can save themselves is you.

By using necromancy magic, you can call out the spirits of fallen soldiers and allow them to continue battling enemies in the form of—largely flowers—plants you produce in your garden. You equip them with weapons you've fashioned by hand. Not very attractive, but efficient against those hideous creatures. Can you stave off the attack of the living dead in your garden?

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How To Play

  • Desktop: Drag plants onto the field using a mouse or touchpad. 
  • Mobile: Use the touchscreen to place plants on the battlefield.
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