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Gangster Showdown

Gangster Showdown

Gangster Showdown is a fun fighting game in which you play as the master of the streets. Although you can play against the computer alone, bringing a friend over and engaging in exciting combat with them and an ally is preferable. You can remove more enemies and take over the city if you work together. That can only be demonstrated with clenched fists on the streets of a mafia city. The game features three game modes: two-player survival, two-player combat, and solo combat. Allow no respite to the enemy throughout these encounters; instead, strike rapidly with your feet and fists. Feel the force and anger of a true street fighter monarch with all of your senses!

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How To Play

Player 1

  • WASD - movement.
  • F- punch.
  • G - kick.
  • T - block.
  • Space - jump.

Player 2

  • Arrow keys - movement.
  • K- punch.
  • O - kick.
  • L - block.
  • P - jump.
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