Bob Neighbor vs Zombie
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Bob Neighbor vs Zombie

Bob Neighbor vs Zombie is a game whose theme is zombie war. An army of zombies created by the evil scientist Plankton has taken over the town of Bikini Bottom. It will be the end of the world, and your task will be to eliminate the zombies that pose as SpongeBob's deceased neighbors.

Patrick will appear in front of you. He intends to defend the city with the weapon he is wielding. Accompany him forward in order to save every resident. Get used to the reality that the living dead will attack your character nonstop. Move it from side to side and aim it precisely at targets. You can advance to the next location once the opponents in the first one have been eliminated. We really hope you enjoy yourself and complete every assignment in the game!

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How To Play

  • A/D - move.
  • Esc - hide/unhide mouse cursor.
  • Use the left mouse - shoot.