Trolls: Trollify Yourself
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Trolls: Trollify Yourself

Trolls: Trollify Yourself transports you to the fantastical realm of trolls. These adorable tiny ones reside in a peaceful, loving small world. Following their escape from the troll tree, which provided the Bergens with both a great spot to have lunch and a major source of entertainment, The Bergens were creatures who had never experienced joy or love. They were of the opinion that eating a troll was the only way to find happiness. Thankfully, the trolls were able to get away, and they are currently having a great time, dancing, singing, and generally enjoying their bliss. Each of you can express your imagination and make the most gorgeous and contented troll in the vibrant kid's game "Trolls: Trollify Yourself." Come on, let's go!

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How To Play

Use the mouse.