Colorful Ghosts
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Colorful Ghosts

Colorful Ghosts is a fun logic game that even people who are terrified of ghosts can find entertaining. Meet amiable ghosts that would prefer to play with people than frighten them here.

Players ahead are awaiting level 32. You have to put the ghosts in the colored block spaces on each of them. It all depends on the type of candy to be eaten and where it should be placed. Reach the colored candies and give them to the spirit. The idea behind the game is that creatures are limited to moving in a certain direction and cannot turn around. However, you can make a unique choice and retreat. Playing this game will force you to engage in mental exercise. It will be so fascinating and thrilling that you won't realize how quickly an hour has passed. Have fun and good luck in the game!

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How To Play

Use the mouse.