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Red Ball 4: Vol. 3

Red Ball 4: Vol. 3

Red Ball 4: Vol. 3 takes you to a banned factory. The plant is operating like a charm now that the gray dice have successfully gotten every piece of equipment operating. Still, it serves the enemy's interests. To vanquish the villain in his domain, the red ball has to put in a lot of effort. It is, after all, now a veritable ambush, replete with traps within traps. In the game, there are a lot of difficulties for you and the red ball to overcome, like opponents, shaky platforms, iron presses, lasers, and ribbons. Along the route, you'll encounter unique faces in addition to the typical gray cubes and adversaries. They had one red eye and named them Terminators. Because they burst upon impact, it's preferable if you avoid them. Best of luck!

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How To Play

Use WASD - move.

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